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Noise Reduction Box - For ASICs - Large (White)

Noise Reduction Box - For ASICs - Large (White)

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Introducing the Noise Reduction Box - For ASICs - Large (White).

Here comes the ASIC silencer box 40, a revolutionary solution for home cryptocurrency mining. Designed against the noise caused by antminers, this sleek and stylish device offers quiet and efficient mining. Thanks to its elegant white design fits seamlessly into any home environment.

Gone are the days when you had to endure the constant hum and hum of mining equipment. The noiseless box uses advanced technology to eliminate noise and ensure a calm and undisturbed atmosphere in your living space. Now you can engage in profitable cryptocurrency mining without the distraction of noise.

This innovative device not only prioritizes peace of mind, but also delivers exceptional performance.

Say goodbye to outdated and inefficient mining equipment and embrace this state-of-the-art solution that combines functionality and aesthetics.

Investing in the ASIC silencer box 40 is a wise choice for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Not only does it provide a peaceful mining experience, it also helps maintain harmony in your home. Say goodbye to noise complaints and welcome a new era of hassle-free home mining.

Reducing the noise of your S19 ASIC from 80 dB to 36 dB

When developing our soundproof box, we focused on using only materials that are environmentally friendly and do not produce any harmful emissions or unpleasant odors. We deliberately avoided the use of mineral wool as a soundproofing material.

Thanks to its weight (around 50 kg), our soundproof box can effectively suppress noise in a wide frequency range. This includes not only high frequencies such as whistling, but also noises with a frequency below 1500 Hz.

Our product is suitable for all types of ASICs and differs only in the equipment that allows a specific model of ASIC to be placed inside the box. If you decide to change the ASIC model in the future, it is not necessary to change the entire box, which ensures the flexibility of our device.

How does a soundproof box work?

In addition to performance and efficiency, we also paid attention to comfort. Our muffler is comfortable and easy to maintain. The outlet of hot air is oriented vertically, which allows a comfortable position close to the box. This is one of the main advantages over most simple mufflers with horizontal hot air exhaust.

Our product guarantees high efficiency in noise suppression without damaging the ASIC. Thanks to the isolation of the cold and hot zones, excessive heating of the chips does not occur. The fans are not overloaded and the ASIC is placed on a vibration pad, extending their life.

We also offer a ripple adapter for heat dissipation, and a double box can be used for more powerful ASICs with a total power of up to 5 kW. For example, the most powerful and overclocked ASIC for a double box has a power of 4 kW.

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Yes, there is a 24-month warranty for both the Miner and the PSU.

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All pre-sale orders are non-refundable. Please ensure you make your order seriously and understand what you are purchasing before completing your transaction.

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Miners and products under production or delivery will be expedited for delivery at specified times. Information regarding delivery or production batches is available on our website. After the specified time, products or miners will be dispatched to clients.

What is the hosting model?

Under the hosting model, miners are immediately delivered to selected hosting facilities. These miners are already on their way or located in the hosting facility. Clients gain remote access to control the miner and receive KASPA coins or Bitcoins. We handle hosting, maintenance, and servicing of the miner, with hosting locations near power stations utilizing green energy sources. The profitability of miners in hosting is typically higher than self-hosted miners. Clients can choose to relocate the miner from hosting to their location or have it delivered to their address with a three-month notice period.

What is the difference between hosting and delivery models?

In the delivery model, clients are responsible for the miner's care and maintenance. In the hosting model, we manage the miner, including service and maintenance, for a small fee covering electricity charges and service fees. This fee is usually cheaper than the client's local electricity charges. Miners under the hosting model tend to generate more KASPA coins or Bitcoins than those managed by clients.

Hosting FAQ

When will be my miner installed? Do I pay some extra for electricity?

Your ASIC will be installed in few hours. You will pay for the electricity additionally

How much does the hosting itself cost?

The hosting if for FREE. All the fees are included in the electricity price.

Do you provide some insurance for ASIC miner service life?

Yes, we provide 3 YEARS insurance.

Can be mine Hosting ASIC Miner deliverd to my home?

Yes, we can send your miner to you with 3 month notice period.

Shared ASIC Miners FAQ

How does the Shared ASIC Miner works?

If you will buy for example 1/10 of an ASIC, you will own 1/10 of it's hashrate, 1/10 of it's revenue a you'll pay 1/10 of Energy & Fees for that ASIC. 
The rest 9/10 will be own by someone else.

Can I reach one whole ASIC in some time?

Yes, you can. For example if you buy 1/10 of an ASIC, than 1/10 and than 8/10, you will own 10/10 of an ASIC, that means you own one whole ASIC and you even have an option to take that ASIC from hosting and have it deliverd to you. 

If i purchase 1/10 of an ASIC Miner, can I sell it to someone if I want to?

Yes, you can. We are also preparing a function on our site specially for this.

Wallet FAQ

How to change my wallet address? 

You can set your wallet address only when you are creating your account. If you want to change your wallet address after it was already set, you have to contact our support and they will change it for you after a few simple steps. This procedure is simply because of a safety reasons, so nobody else can change your address except you. 

When should I pay my Energy & Fees?

Energy works like subscription. For example you will prepay energy for a month. Every miner has individually their own daily usage of energy and cost fort that will be subtracted everyday from  your prepaid energy balance. You just have to check that your energy balance is not $0, if you will not have any Energy & Fees balance left, your miner will be automatically turned off.

Is 0,13 EUR the final price for the electricity and fees?

Yes, the price is final. All the fees are included in the electricity price.